SOPHIE seXXes ANAL 2: orgasm control/ release (9b/10)

(This clip is the second half of a previously-published clip entitled ‘Businesswoman ANAL: orgasm control/release (9/10)’.) "Now I’m going to fuck you properly in your arsehole," I tell Sophie. She’s already cum once with my dick up there. Now I want her to do it again. Andy orders her to look up into the camera. "Oh my God," she says. She cries out, about to cum but I stop my thrusts and tell her not to. I want her to hold it and she does. I start fucking her again and take over playing with her clit, still telling her not to come. "I can’t help it!" "NO FUCKING COMING," I say. Sophie’s on the edge the whole time. Finally I tell her I want to see come "right now" and she explodes, shaking. Andy comes in from behind and spanks her arse under my cock while I fuck her some more. 9b/10.


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